Bafang Front Wheel Drive ($1,000)

The Bafang e-bike kit is the most affordable and easiest to install option. The kit is aimed more at mass market consumers vs DIY shops and enthusiasts that use the Grin techology kits. The tradeoff is you do not get as much customization and you do not get regenerative braking, but you get an affordable kit that is relatively easy to install. This is a great conversion for someone aiming to go on mostly flat rides where regen braking does not matter as much. The Bafang motor should be more than sufficient to keep up with any able bodied bikers and the extra speed should make any ride more fun. There are five speed settings as well as 0 assist mode if you want to only use manual power.

The Bafang Kit can be bought fairly inexpensively on Ali Express. You should make sure to select the 500W Rear DC 26INCH motor with the 500C controler.

You can find the full parts list with prices for this build here. This includes the tools I used to install the wheel and more importantly the pedal assist sensor, which requires removal of the crank.

Step 1. Remove the crank using a crank puller and install the pedal assist sensor as well as two spacers. The spacers are needed so that the chainring bolts do not rub on the sensor.

Once you

buy the kit on Ali Express, which can be a

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