Handcycle by the ocean in Santa Cruz on June 15th


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We are planning to join the Positive Ride and Nature Track team for their Freedom Trax test ride event organized by NorCal SCI at the Natural bridges beach in Santa Cruz on June 15th 2024. We want to bring a couple handcycles and let people ride them along the ocean on a 2.6 mile ride.  

We can bring our portable ramp if there is enough interest. Given how challenging transporting everything is, we want to better understand the interest level and to figure out what to bring. Please fill out our form below. We will contact you a week before the event to confirm a time with you.

After you submit the survey please join our Google calendar invite with this link. We will reach out to you to confirm a time slot a week before the event.

This is a NorCal SCI sponsored event so lunch will be provided. We also recommend filling out an interest form to try the Freedom Trax.

 You can see a video of these awesome “tank tracks” that attach to your wheelchair and allow you to go across a sandy beach.